About us!

Seepje produces liquid detergents, all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing detergents, softeners and hand soaps from natural shells grown in India and Nepal. Seepje only uses the best environmental friendly ingredients and together we pay a fair price for these ingredients. Our mission? A cleaner and brighter world!

It all started in March 2013, when Melvin and Jasper saw on television how the Nepalese produced natural soap from fruit shells. These Sapindus mukorossi fruit shells contain saponine, which is a natural form of soap that is released when the shells come in contact with water. Melvin and Jasper then established contact with Hari, a Nepalese farmer, and decided to scrape together their student loans to import a first batch of shells to the Netherlands. Their goal was to make people happy with a wonderful natural product and, at the same time, improve working and living conditions in Nepal!

Currently, there are over 10 different Seepje products available in over 1.600 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. To us, this is really important! The more people using Seepje, the greater the impact we have on the working, living and natural environment. Let nature do your laundry and your cleaning!

Our mission is simple...

A cleaner and brighter world for all! We believe that everyone can benefit from our products. You, us, the retailers, the environment, the Himalayan farmers and our ‘champs’ in sheltered employment. Together, we can make washing and cleaning fun again!

Milou - Sales Captain

+31(0)6 123 545 65

Milou - Sales Captain

All hands on deck with Seepje team member Milou! She effortlessly plays into (international) opportunities for Seepje to grow. She likes to network, with an eye to the future. New partners? She is happy to approach themas well. With a little one at home, washing & cleaning keeps her busy in her spare time!

Call: +31(0)6 123 545 65

Gwendolyn - Countrymanager Germany

+31(0)6-3 8685392

Gwendolyn - Countrymanager Germany

Gwendolyn manages Seepje's growth in Germany. German is her mother tongue, so she is the Met Duits als moedertaal, so she is the point of contact for German consumers and retailers. Through Instagram, PR and collaborations, she wants to make everyone in Germany a Seepje fan. She is supported by her four-legged friend: office dog Beertje.

Call: +31(0)6-3 8685392

Melvin – Dr. Wash


Melvin – Dr. Wash

As cofounder of Seepje there is literally no one else who knows more about washing and cleaning than Melvin. Additionally, he is responsible for all financial, logistic and administrative activities. Just don’t get him started on the production process, he likes nothing better than stirring a large cauldron of Seepje…

Call: +31(0)6-49229337

Jasper - Mr. Seepje


Jasper - Mr. Seepje

As cofounder of Seepje Jasper is the creative brain behind our brand and in charge of design, marketing and communication… More often than not he is out and about spreading the Seepje story. Always on the road…! Jasper is responsible for sales, cooperation and impact. When he is in town he prefers to sit with his laptop in a comfy deck chair.

Call: +31(0)6-29329800

Team Seepje UK

Je kunt ons bellen of mailen!

Bel: +31-(0)85-0605000
Mail: hoi@seepje.nl

En alsof dat nog niet bont genoeg is… Je kunt ons of natuurlijk ook altijd Facebooken of Instagrammen.

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Schrijf je net als 18.000 fans in op de Seepje brief en ontvang een handzeepje bij je bestelling. Doe je mee?

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