Frequently Asked Questions

Since selling our very first Seepje in 2014, we have kept up with questions that our fans have. Answers to our most frequently asked questions you’ll find here. Is your questions not answered, would you like some more information or are you in for a chat? Please contact us!

About Seepje

  • How come shells can do my laundry?

    The shells from the Sapindus mukurossi fruit contain a natural form of soap called saponine. When water is added in your washing machine, the shells spontaneously release their soap! In technical terms… The saponine molecule adheres to the dirt as well as to the water, allowing the dirt to be washed away. In addition, saponine lowers the surface tension of the water, allowing water to remove dirt even better. You can find more information on doing your laundry using our shells here.

  • Is Seepje suitable for sensitive (baby)skin?

    We recommend Seepje ‘Simply neutral’ for people with sensitive skin. Nature will do your laundry, without natural fragrances. The pH value of the shells is 4.5 – 5.5. In addition, the shells are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

  • Where can I buy Seepje?

    With 1400 retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium, there’s probably one near you, take a look at our retailers. Are you in for some cleaning? You can also order in our online shop.

  • I would like to collaborate with Seepje or sell your products. What’s the best way to get in touch?

    Great! Together we can make the world a cleaner and brighter place! Please send an e-mail to or call 06-43861259.

Laundry questions

  • How does soap work?

    Soap, just like everything else on this earth, consists of very small particles, also called molecules. One side of this soap molecule is water-repellent, just like a greasy stain. The other side is water-loving, crazy about water basically. One side of the soap molecule adheres to the greasy stain, the other side focuses on water. This is how soap forms a bridge between water and grease, so that the stain can be removed from the clothing. That’s the secret of soap!

  • How can I wash, clean and do this dishes in a most environmentally friendly way?

    To respect the environment, run your washing machine with a full load, choose low temperature washing cycles and follow dosage instructions.

    To reduce the environmental impact, respect the recommended doses, when cleaning with our all-purpose cleaner.

    To save water and energy by washing efficiently, immerse the dishes in water instead of washing with a jet from the tap and stick to the recommended product doses. Efficient washing does not require lots of foam.

  • How come I can hardly see soap in my washing machine?

    That’s a good question! The amount of soap in the drum of your washing machine does not say anything about  the washing power. The cleaning effect is in the water mixed with the soap, you can read more about this in the question above. We do not use unnecessary foam enhancers and let our super shells and other natural ingredients do your laundry. Make sure the drum of you washing machine is not completely stuffed with washing when using our shells. For them to release their natural form of soap, they need some space to get in contact with water. The result? Naturally clean and soft laundry!

  • When using the shells, they’re in the drum of the washing machine even during the rinse cycle. Is there even more soap released then?

    True, the shells remain in the drum the entire cycle. In proportion, less soap is released during rinsing compared to during washing. On one hand the purpose of rinsing is washing away dirt, on the other hand it’s the removal of soap residues. These soap residues are, in case of regular detergents, not good for the skin.  However, the Seepje peels are harmless because they are pH-neutral and have a softening effect on your laundry. Let’s start washing!

  • How do I refresh my washing machine?

    When you often wash on low temperatures, detergent residue and grease remain in the washing machine. That is why we recommend to do a 90 degrees wash once every 2 to 3 months, possibly with white vinegar. You can also use an environmentally friendly washing machine cleaner.

  • Can I use a different essential oil in combination with the Seepje shells?

    We have tested our essential oils multiple times to make sure they are appropriate to use in combination with the super shells. We cannot guarantee everything goes well when you use a different essential oil. If you choose to do so anyway, we recommend to test it first, for example by washing an old garment. Please let us know in case you’re missing a specific fragrance in our product range. If there’s more demand, we may include it in our assortment.

  • I‘ve noticed that my white wash has become a bit dull since washing with shells, is that possible?

    Washing with shells is 100% natural. Regular detergents often contain optical brighteners and bleaching agents. Because you don’t use those anymore, your white wash may become a bit dull on the long term. But don’t worry, we’ve got a few washing tips and tricks for you. Keep your white wash always separate from coloured wash. Even a white T-shirt with a small, blue stripe can cause colour to transfer. Want to give your white wash a boost? Oxygen bleach is the most environmentally friendly alternative.

  • Is it necessary to use a fabric softener with your products?

    Seepje naturally cleans your laundry and leaves it nice and soft! Both our liquid detergent and the Seepje shells do not require a fabric softener.

  • I have lost my cotton pouch, what to do?

    Oopsie daisy, don’t you worry. Go to to request a new one, free of charge.

  • Which of your products is appropriate to wash silk?

    Please use our super shells to wash silk, optionally with the included essential oil. Although Seepje liquid detergent is not appropriate for washing silk, it is suitable for…

  • Cold wool washes! Which product is most suitable?

    Our shells as well as liquid detergents are suitable for washing wool on a low temperature.


  • How does Seepje contribute to a cleaner and brighter world?

    Seepje only uses natural ingredients, such as our Himalayan shells. By paying a fair price for these shells, the Sapindus trees in India and Nepal have added value and they are being conserved, ánd we contribute to improving the work conditions of our farmers. In the Netherlands, people with a physical and/or mental handicap assemble and package our products. Also, our natural ingredients have a significantly lower impact on the sewage system connected to your house!

  • What materials are used for your packaging?

    The Seepje supershells are packed in recyclable cardboard, so you can just throw them out with your paper waste. It is important that the peels themselves remain dry, therefore there in a biodegradable plastic bag. The bottles of Seepje liquid detergents and all-purpose cleaners are made from recycled HDPE plastic from Holland. Cool, huh?! The sleeve around the bottle is made of recyclable cardboard.

  • Seepje imports shells from India and Nepal, how is transport arranged and is it environmentally friendly?

    The shells are transported to the Netherlands by boat, in order to have as little impact as possible on the environment. Importing from the Himalayas enables us to do something good for the environment in the form of nature conservation, on the other hand we strive to achieve a liveable income for the farmers there.

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