Supershells from Nepal

Hey you! Seepje only uses natural ingredients and together with you we pay a fair price for these ingredients. We use the shells of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit, which grow in abundance in Nepal. When water is added, these shells will release a natural form of soap, which gently cleanses your laundry and acts as a natural fabric softener. We also produce an extract from these shells, which forms the base product for our liquid detergents and all-purpose cleaners…

Cleaner and brighter

Seepje promotes nature conservation, as the Sapindus trees are preserved through our trade in the shells. By paying the farmer in Nepal a fair price, we actively promote equality and provide them with a liveable income. In the Netherlands, our natural ingredients ensure a significantly lower impact on sewage systems! In collaboration with a work facility for disabled people, we offer ‘our champs’ a key role in our production process. Let’s make washing and cleaning fun for all, are you in?

Meanwhile, at Seepje HQ...

As 21-year old students Melvin and Jasper watched a documentary in which a Nepalese woman used a natural form of soap. This led to the following thought: why do we use synthetic and oil-based products, when a natural alternative is available?

Currently, we have a team of five and from our headquarters in The Hague we aspire to create a positive impact with nine different Seepje products. Our Seepjes are currently available in more than 1100 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Een Brief van Seepje: alleen voor de échte waskanjers! Hoor jij daarbij?

Ja! Misschien later

Een brief van Seepje

Nieuwe producten, acties en wastips: Melanie houdt je maandelijks op de hoogte!

Nieuwe producten, acties en wastips: Melanie houdt je maandelijks op de hoogte!

Misschien later