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Seepje makes liquid detergents, all-purpose cleaners and hand soaps from the best natural ingredients!

Eco-friendly products for clean laundry and a clean home!

more than 99% natural
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Ecocert certified

What's in it? We're open about it!

Seepje products are made of at least 99% natural ingredients, and together we pay a fair price for them. Such as the shell of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit, which grows in abundance on trees in India and Nepal. Whenever the supershells are exposed to water, they make a natural form of soap which makes your clothes amazingly clean and soft! Click on the ‘More about ingredients’ button to find out what’s in Seepje, and what’s not.

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Available in 4,500 shops

Our products are available in some 4,500 shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, such as Bio-Planet, Albert Heijn and Oxfam shops. And that is important, because the more people use Seepje, the more we can help both people and the environment! To find out where? See below!